Our concept of wellness and integral health in body, mind, heart and emotions.


In Wellness Boutique Experience, holistic well-being is the guide that marks the footprint in your experience.

The current lifestyle makes us forget some of our priorities as people. Wellness Boutique Experience invites you to introduce a healthy lifestyle into your routine. Under the personalized advice of our professional experts in the different areas, you will reconnect with you, with your potential.

The foundation of Wellness Boutique Experience is based on three pillars that are intertwined:


THE CENTER WB … .. The elements used connect us with nature, elegance, luxury Spas, harmony, …. With spaces designed under the harmony of Feng Shui, present vegetation, light that transports you and harmonious sounds, make the experiences of each client are unique.

The passion with which we do things, make the essence and soul of Wellness Boutique Experience so special.


THE EXCLUSIVE TREATMENTS AND THERAPIES BROUGHT FROM THE BEST SPAS OF THE WORLD ………. In Wellness Boutique Experience we offer the most advanced facial and body treatments, as well as therapies brought from Eastern and Western traditions under a team of highly qualified professionals in the various specialties Integrating at all times the holistic medicine for the integrative well-being.

In this way, clients will have a balanced approach to physical, emotional and mental well-being.

The experience in Wellness Boutique Experience goes beyond treatments and therapies, since we include wellness programs, guided classes of mindfulness, nutritionist, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Wellness life coach, osteopathy, physiotherapy, acupuncture and yoga for parents with children between other services.


THE TEAM AND THE SPECIAL ATTENTION TO OUR CUSTOMERS …… .. Our objective is your health and well-being.

The health, the enjoyment and our hospitality are united of the hand of natural form. In Wellness Boutique Experience, personalized advice with each client is an integral element from the first visit, with the aim that their experiences fulfill their aspirations in every way.


Visit the most modern, avant-garde and innovative center for wellness and health in Madrid.

Enjoy the space, the tranquility and what the WB concept has to offer you personally.

You will discover how everything takes us to the same starting point: wellness, health, enjoyment, harmony and last minute trends complement each other in a unique and unforgettable experience.

The experience of a wellness and health Wellness Center, unique in Madrid.

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