Facial and Body Treatments

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Facial Treatments

At WB we offer you a wide range of facials from leading brands in France and Switzerland

Facial Cleansing

Removes any toxin and impurity from the skin. Deep cleansing of the skin, detoxifying it and freeing it from daily stress.

1h15´/ 75€

Brightness and intense hydration

Perfect treatment for those dull and tired skins. Combination of movements and stimuli of the Japanese Shiatsu facial massage that contribute a remarkable and immediate firmness and luminosity in the skin. The skin will feel intensely moisturized and completely rested.

55´/ 75€

Regenerators and Repairers

Our variety of innovative treatments will return to those skins with lack of luminosity, immediate results. After a previous analysis, our specialists will recommend the best treatment for the skin to regenerate, remain luminous and tone the complexion unified.




50´ | 75€

Bono 5 sesiones 335€



-Vitamin C


-Oxygen without aparatology

-Oxygen with aparatology (Beoxy)


1h10´  |   95€

5 sessions voucher | 380€

Anti-Aging Deluxe

NIANCE Premium products maximize the anti-aging effect. With these products the botox effect provides a stretch and in turn the skin, smoothes and optimally cares . With the latest knowledge and advances in Swiss research, Niance gets an effect on all layers of the skin at the same time.

NIANCE Deluxe is a luxurious treatment that will give your skin the essential micronutrients that accelerate the natural repairing function of the skin.

Pure luxury for the senses!

1h | 135€

Body Treatments

Our treatments and body therapies will provide you with the objectives and nutrients necessary to achieve that result you are looking for: firm and toned body, luminosity and brightness to the skin, modeling, firmness, hydration, purification and nutrition to the skin.

Body Wraps

All our silhouette treatments are designed to meet the personal needs of our clients. In this way, our team of professionals will guide and advise you on the treatment that best fits your objective or program. To choose between:

-Body Detoxifier: Activates cellular metabolism, moisturizes, purifies and nourishes the skin. Helps eliminate toxins and reshape the silhouette.

-Body Reaffirming: remineralizes, stimulates nourishes and activates our metabolism

-Body Drain: Stimulates the lymphatic system and revitalizes it. It favors the elimination of toxins and molds the body.

-Body toning: Rejuvenates the skin, acts on muscle tone and restores the natural balance of the skin

-Body intense nutrition: Highly nourishing for the skin.

Anticelulítico combinado

Treatment oriented to improve the elimination of toxins from the adipose tissue, favoring the venous return, contributing the greater amount of oxygen to our cells, improving the appearance of our skin and provoking the restitution of the tissues. Thanks to the active manual  techniques with suction cups and specific oils, the silhouette is reduced considerably, as it enhances the elimination of toxins from the body and restores the natural balance of our cells.

1h | 85€

1h30 | 120€