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Our selection of massages will help you release tension, restore circulation and relieve pain, as well as relaxing your body and mind


It helps to relax body and mind with smooth and harmonic movements using natural aromas. During the massage, smooth stretches will be performed in the head and cervical areas, which help release tension in the neck and shoulders.

This massage will bring you a deeper rest, greater resistance to diseases and increases the level of energy and vitality, among others


Deep muscle massage focusing on pain relief, paying special attention to areas of tension in the body. It is a massage that will help reduce stress and blood pressure, as well as increase blood flow and circulation.


This massage is directed towards the area of pain or contracted, in order to relax, to remove muscular knots, to decrease the arterial pressure and to oxygenate the muscles.

Deep Tissue

Restorative massage that helps release tension and eliminate toxins. It is both relaxing and soothing. Aimed at people who generally lead a very active rhythm of life.

Skull - Maxillofacial - Cervical

Manual therapy aimed at releasing accumulated tension in the head, mandibular muscles, neck and upper back area. Treatment that promotes relaxation, balance our nervous system and significantly reduces stress

Mom To Be

This massage has been created specifically for pregnant women. It is a massage to reduce the stress, to relieve the pains and discomforts in feet, legs and back and to diminish the possible inflammations. It is a soft, comforting and invigorating massage. Its goal is to improve blood circulation and relax muscles.

WB Signature

An exceptional massage created for Wellness Boutique Experience. Discover the benefits of this massage resulting from the fusion of various oriental and western techniques with a careful selection of essential oils.


Oriental Massages

At WB you will be able to enjoy massages inspired by the best therapies in the world, typically used in India, China, Japan, Thailand but also Australia and America. These massages are performed by our team of internationally qualified therapists

Hot Stones (From Australia and America)

A millenary therapy combining the use of hot and cold stones on the skin, along with a deep integral massage that helps release tensions, relax muscles and reduce stress.

The massage has an active response of deep relaxation, allowing you to achieve a state of integral well-being.


Foot Reflexology (From China)

Ancient ancestral wisdom from China, more than 5000 years old, reveals that the feet are a min map of our whole body. Specific points of the feet correspond with organs of our body, so through specific digitopression and massage the reflex nerves are activated immediately, thus stimulating all our organs and body tissues, obtaining an unbeatable benefit of general well-being .

Thai Massage (From Thailand)

The Thai massage is based on the discovery of 10 lines of invisible energy called SEN, which extend throughout our body. A therapy more than 2,500 years old, combining stretching and pressure techniques, stimulating blood flow, releasing toxins, restoring flexibility, restoring our energy and rebalancing our physical, mental and emotional aspects.

Abhyanga ( From India)

Restorative massage that helps release tension and eliminate toxins. It is both relaxing and soothing. Aimed at people who generally lead a very active rhythm of life.

Reiki ( From Japan)

Reiki is a Japanese word meaning “Universal Vital Energy.” It is a very effective therapy for the release of stress and total relaxation. A sense of peace, vitality and joy will flood your Reiki experience.

It is a treatment that nourishes and harmonizes the mind, body and emotions. This treatment is also used to accelerate the body’s natural healing power.


At Wellness Boutique Experience we have designed Spa Rituals to enjoy on your own or accompanied. Our rituals combine more than one treatment and are unique experiences that purify, transform and enhance your body, mind and soul.

Unwind during your time in the spa with our rituals inspired by traditional methods from all over the world. Let the worries go away and escape thanks to those aromas, textures, sounds and sensations, that will make you experience a deep sensation of well-being.

Themae Freedom Deluxe Ceremony

This Ritual is the perfect combination to pamper yourself from head to toe. A sensory trip that will make you living an unforgettable Japanese experience.

The results are a fresh and luminous complexion, while your body is in maximum relaxation.

The 4 scales are:

-Exfoliation Body-Takayama Scale

-Sakura Bath- Scale Tokyo

-Facial Treatment- Fuji Scale

-Eastern Massage – Okinawa Scale

1h40´ / 130€

Clé Des Champs Deep Sleep Ceremony

A unique Ritual created exclusively for Wellness Boutique Experience. A globalized and personalized care depending on each season of the year. Harmonizing body, mind and soul is the goal of this sensory journey through the most beautiful places of the French campaign.

It is divided into 4 sensory stages:

-Body Exfoliation

-Relaxing shower

-Massage Tui Na

1h40´/ 130€